Connecting Dreams Through Education

Our Genesis:

Founded in 2019, CTS was ignited by the visionary minds of Krishna and Shubhankar. Our mission from the outset has been clear: to transcend barriers and make the pursuit of international education an accessible and affordable reality for students worldwide.

Empowering Dreams: 

At CTS, we’ve evolved into more than just a study abroad platform. We’re a dynamic community of dreamers, achievers, and enablers, woven together by our shared passion for educational excellence. Our thriving Instagram community of over 10,000 followers, a YouTube channel with 1.5K subscribers, and a robust WhatsApp group boasting 4,000 members stand as a testament to the trust we’ve garnered and the impact we’ve made.

Fulfilling Aspirations:

We’re immensely proud to have been a part of the journeys of over a thousand students who have dared to dream beyond borders. Our alumni, now shining in some of the world’s most prestigious universities, are a living testament to the transformative power of CTS. We believe that dreams, when nurtured with guidance and resolve, can become extraordinary success stories.

The Collaborative Spirit: Our journey took an exciting turn in 2022 with the inclusion of Lakshya, a proficient web developer. Working in tandem with Shubhankar’s technical prowess, Lakshya breathed life into the CTS website. Our digital platform now offers an immersive experience, delivering the information and inspiration students need on their educational odyssey.

Our Vision: CTS envisions a world where educational aspirations soar unrestricted, crossing the limits of geography and finance. Our goal is to expand our reach, innovate our services, and empower students to surmount the barriers that often shadow the path to global education.

Embark on the Journey: Whether you’re a student ready to chart your course abroad, an educational institution eager to collaborate, or an advocate for accessible education, we extend a warm invitation to join us. Together, we’ll elevate dreams into tangible achievements, shaping a generation of global citizens who embrace diversity and knowledge.

Connect with the Skylimits: Engage with us on Instagram, follow our YouTube journey, and join our vibrant WhatsApp group. Discover a community that is committed to turning aspirations into accomplishments.

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What our Student say

I joined the IELTS Prep 3 weeks before my exam date and was very nervous because I didn't knew anything about IELTS. After I joined the course, I was provided with amazing resources and lectures that helped me to score 7.5 bands in just 3 weeks prep ( almost 5 hours a week ) .

Maneesh Reddy